West Papua Women Supreme and Hurt

by Mr-Nomen

Maybe I was an idiot when I said “Mrs. Minister as a Papuan woman. How about Papuan women who were hacked by the police while celebrating West Papua’s independence day December 1, 1961-2018 in Surabaya a few days ago”.

Mother once said in a case “I am a Papuan mother. I was sick of hearing that there were continuously Papuan children who had to die because of sexual violence. I strongly condemn this incident, “said Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA), Yohana Yembise through a release received by tribunpontianak.co.id on Friday (02/03/2018). Read: Their Story Lulu.

If so: how about the bloody Papuan women, they are beaten by the police man. is it not violence against women? maybe this question is fooling the public, but that’s the fact mother.

Forms of legal responsibility for the protection of women: (1) Law No. 7/1984 concerning the Ratification of CEDAW. (2) Law No. 39/1999 concerning Human Rights. (3) Law No. 23 of 2004 concerning PKDRT. (4) Law No. 11 of 2005 concerning the Covenant Ratification concerning Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. (5) Presidential Regulation Number 5 of 2010 concerning RPJM Year 2010-2014 which states the quality of life and the role of women are still relatively low. (6) Presidential Instruction No. 9 of 2000 concerning Gender Mainstreaming.

Mrs. Minister, I think you know, what Mother Teressa is like in her life activities. I like the mother to have this one word: “At the end of our lives we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done”. *(