Facts about racial discrimination: if only one Non-Papuan is killed, suddenly there will be Indonesian national media headlines


Facts about racial discrimination: if only one Non-Papuan is killed, suddenly the headlines of Indonesian national media become a headline. All officials in this Republic talk. But if there is one Papuan man, even dozens to dozens are killed, it must be quiet from the news. Considered dead animal.

Even considered wrong, against the law / apparatus, stigmatized drunks, criminals, and all justification reasons made to cover up state crime. Those who defend Indonesian propaganda are aware of not. Did you monitor how many bodies were decayed in the forests, rivers, craters, villages in Indonesian military operations since 1962. How many hundred civilians died of decay during the bombing operations led by Prabowo Subianto at Jila Belama, Nduga, Papua province , It is impossible to calculate how many thousands of indigenous West Papuan civilians died in military operations by the Indonesian military.

Then in the city, Papuans died in hospitals. Dead in vain because alcohol was deliberately sold and backed by the Indonesian military. That’s slaughter. The state slaughters Papuans openly and systematically.

But again, the victim was blamed, and the colonial authorities were justified by his propaganda tools. Peaceful demonstration seminars and worship for the fate of the Papuans were banned, then allowed convoys of civilian militias, illegal markets, and non-Papuan shows. If the war between tribes is allowed, but if with non-Papuans the TNI / Polri pairs bodies and forces to defend non-Papuans. Where is this one republic when four indigenous West Papuan students died in open military slaughter in Paniai in 2014 ago.

It happened in the city, in the afternoon there were thousands of eyes. Too many slaughter cases if written down. Indeed the cheerfulness in silence seems to be the destiny of the life of the Indigenous People of the West Papua nation, in this Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. So if you defend today, the Nduga case is indeed because they are Indonesian citizens, if indigenous Papuans die, they will not be defended because indeed this Republic of Indonesia considers Papuans not to be Indonesian citizens who must be defended.

That is racial discrimination, but also the awareness of national differences that are embedded in the minds of Indonesians who are still misguided. *(